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The technology behind the Isan® System and Iodine

The Isan system is the Ioteq vehicle used for the control and delivery of the active ingredient, BioMaxA® Iodine, as well as the collection of all disinfection by-products by the BioResA® resin.

The Isan System, in all its many sizes and configurations, is a sophisticated, highly engineered, fully automated disinfection process.

However, whilst very smart in its features and controls it is also extremely simple to use making it a breakthrough technology in some of the target industries.

With systems capable of treating water flows from 10,000 litres per hour to millions of litres per day, they all include combinations of electrodes for measuring iodine levels in the target water stream, a control unit which automatically controls the running of the system, iodine canisters to deliver the BioMaxA iodine, and resin canisters containing BioResA resin to collect all iodine by-products after disinfection has been completed.