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"In my experience this is the most accurate, effective and user friendly sanitation system available for fresh produce. It is not only very effective at eliminating undesirable bacteria and other micro-organisms from the surface of fresh produce, but it also does not have problems with dangerous trihalomethanes - a problem with chlorine sanitation systems. It is extremely safe for the operator to use due to innovative packaging and delivery systems. It is also extremely environmentally friendly since it retains all iodine and iodine breakdown products, due to its unique iodine recovery technology."
Dr Stephen Morris, Sydney Post Harvest Laboratory - Professor.
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"Ioteq has created and developed one of the most important advances in food plant sanitation, offering state of the art technology and significant advantages for the agricultural and food processing industries"
Dr. Joe Montecalvo, Food Science and Nutrition Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA USA - Professor and Consultant.