Power of Isan

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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes together with related Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have become standard and required control mechanisms in every food operation in the world.

These protocols are now mandatory requirements from all major retail food supermarket chains, many of which require independent verification of the correct implementation and operation of both HACCP and SOPs in every food chain supplier business.

Effective implementation of these procedures not only ensure food safety but also are required for worker safety. Just as importantly, the successful implementation of these controls will directly affect produce quality, shelf life extension and reduce product loss.

In this much more rigorous quality control environment, the Isan technology stands out as the offering controls and accuracy never seen before:

  • The Isan System data logs all disinfection levels on up to a second by second basis in real time. This data log is constantly compared to a preset minimum disinfection level. The System automatically and in real time self adjusts to the preset level should the actual disinfection drop below the preset level;
  • The effect of the above controls is the ability of Isan technology to self adjust to any increase in organic load under any circumstances. This feature is unique to the Isan technology;
  • To complement this data logging capability is the production of the data log file and the resulting Quality Assurance certificate to ‘prove’ the continuous accurate dosage of required disinfection at all times of the treatment process;
  • By eliminating all chemical mixing and exposure, not only is accuracy of dosage improved but worker safety is enhanced;
  • All Isan systems can be connected directly to a computerized network and/or remotely to an off site monitoring point via direct modem connection or via the web.