Power of Isan

Impact Overview

Water Recycling


EPA Regulations


Iodine Deficiency


In the modern day we understand the importance of taking care of our environment. We live in a fragile and changing environment, and we can easily upset the balance through the polluting of our water, air and earth.

Water pollution can be caused inadvertently by using pesticides and fertilizers along a river system or in a catchment. Also, waste water from processing can effect our surface and ground water by adding nutrients and heavy metals.

The Isan technology has very significant positive environmental impact:

  • replacing chlorine and removing carcinogenic chlorine by-products;
  • ensuring that discharge water is free of disinfection by-products;
  • substantially reducing industrial new-water demand, allowing for more effective water use and assisting in the rejuvenation of water systems under stress;

In addition, Ioteq takes the iodine by-products it collects and regenerates this back into the original BioMaxA Iodine product for reuse. This means almost no iodine is released into the environment.