Sewage Treatment

Ioteq has established a number of strategic business alliances with companies possessing technologies which, when combined with Ioteq, will provide state of the art sewage treatment solutions. Ioteq  and its partners have compiled a complete treatment system in which which raw sewage is converted to usable recycled water and biologically stable composted bio-solids.

When linked to a hot house, these technologies can provide both the irrigation water and some of the fertiliser needed to grow produce. These technologies not only take up a relatively small foot print , but are available at a substantially lower capital cost than alternative solutions.

Ioteq's sewage treatment solutions offer significant benefits for numerous treatment plants both in Australia and overseas. In particular, they present opportunities in third world environments where existing infrastructure works can be minimal and authorities struggle to find smaller and less costly solutions.

These waste water solutions are unique, modular, economical and have a small physical footprint. They potentially fill critical water recycling needs and provide bio-solid disposal solutions.