Features & benefits

Hydroponics and Nurseries

Improve water quality

Effective disease control is critical in all hydroponic and nursery operations.

The multi-award winning Isan System has demonstrated its superiority in post harvest treatments to any other water disinfection and disease control system. Automated and self regulating, it requires no chemical mixing and offers certified delivery as well.

Ioteq is in the process of applying for registration for its pure iodine BioMaxA for use in the hydroponic and nursery industries.

The Isan System is rapidly revolutionising industries that require water treatment with the ability to effectively kill pathogen spores before they are given the opportunity to flourish. This enables plants to enjoy faster growth cycles with improved plant quality.

Risk minimisation by effective water treatment

Many major micro-organisms are spread via water. This becomes an increasingly bigger problem when recycled water is used as the pathogens are effectively recirculated over and over again and consequently build up in the water. Disease prevention therefore makes far better economic sense than disease curative programs.


Achieve a competitive advantage

Effective water treatment can deliver a competitive advantage to your nursery or hydroponic operation. Ability to manage high organic loads is critical.

Complete automation and accurate measuring via ion selective electrodes, in other industries has guaranteed that the correct amount of active iodine is always in the water stream.

Where the Isan System has been approved for use, it has been found to be safe for the environment, easy to handle and cost effective.