Isan technology can offer benefits in relation to drinking water disinfection, coupled with supplementation of the animal diet with low levels of iodine residue. This latter application has potentially strong economic drivers for poultry operators, by improving animal health, increasing growth rates and reducing mortality rates and growing cycles.

The poultry industry is one of the most regulated in terms of bacterial control, with four main applications for water based sanitation as summarised below. Based on preliminary product testing, Ioteq is confident that the Isan System can be successfully applied to each segment of the market once appropriate registration is recieved where applicable.

Poultry drinking water

By providing iodine in the drinking water, bird health is improved, while mortality rates, growth cycles and food intake levels are reduced. Registration for this application will be required.

Hatchery and equipment sanitation

Strict sanitation practices are required for sanitation of equipment, cleaning of breeding sheds and for vehicles entering and leaving a farm. Isan technology can address the entire sanitation requirement. Registration for this application will be required.

Meat and processing sanitation

Ioteq is planning to apply for registration for use of its BioMaxA iodine in this application. Ioteq believes it will be able to demonstrate that iodine can achieve the desired microbial control at low concentration levels without the negative effects of chlorine.

Egg production

Ioteq has received Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) approval for the use of iodine in egg sanitation.