Iodine is already used within the aquaculture industry and is recognised as a valuable biocide and growth enhancer. Accurate control of biocide dosage levels is important as well as the ability to automatically adjust to organic load.

In addition, biocidally treated shaved ice used in transport and storage can improve fish shelf life and quality.

Oysters have a long and documented history of transmitting human disease, particularly bacterial infections. As a consequence, oyster production is under strict sanitation review.

Part of the sanitation process of oyster production can include a period of depuration, where the oysters are allowed to cleanse themselves microbiologically in tanks containing sea water that has been sterilized with a biocide.

Ioteq believes that the Isan System can provide significant benefits to this depuration process. By making this process more effective and substantially shorter, the Isan technology could open up oyster operations in areas that were previously banned. Trials and appropriate registration is planned for the use of the Isan technology in this industry.

In addition, by speeding up the depuration process, the oyster will get to market quicker and be larger and more healthy with consequential price implications.