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Fruit & Vegetables

"The Isan® technology is the most important breakthrough in post harvest sanitation in 20 years. The power, accuracy and real time control of the active BioMaxA® iodine is unsurpassed in the industry" Professor Joseph Montecalvo, Professor of Fruit and Vegetable Sanitation, California Polytechnic State University (Oct. 2003).

The Isan system is superior to any other sanitation system in the world. Automated and self-regulating, it requires no chemical mixing of biocides.

It has proven to be highly effective on bacteria and fungi in tests conducted by leading research laboratories in Australia and the United States and is being used by major fruit and vegetable growers and processors around Australia.

Growers and processors who have installed Isan systems are now reducing product breakdown, increasing shelf life and saving a great deal of time, effort, money and the environment.

The Isan FV series offers a range of advantages to fruit and vegetable growers and packers.

  • No pH adjustment
  • Fail safe controls
  • QA certification
  • Optional dial-in from anywhere in the world
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Longer shelf life and less product loss for produce
  • Significant improvement in the quality of produce
  • Higher kill rates on bacteria and fungi
  • The most environmentally clean system available
  • Fully automated computerised control
  • Complete data logging of disinfection and fungicide levels for customers and HACCP auditors
  • Helps conform with increasingly stringent food safety regulations
  • Cost effective
  • Improve water management - save water and costs
  • No chlorine or fungicide residual by-products to recover and dispose of
  • Substantial reduction in corrosion, resulting in longer equipment life
  • Re-used treated wastewater saves money
  • Reduced OH&S risks
  • No chemical mixing
  • Guaranteed nationwide maintenance and support
  • Gain a strong return on your investment