Features & benefits

Hydroponics and Nurseries

Higher kill rates on bacteria and fungi

Extensive testing has proven that the BioMaxA iodine used in the Isan System consistently achieves high bacteria and fungal kill rates.

No pH adjustment required

The patented iodine used in the Isan system operates in a very wide pH range (pH 3.0-8.5) and does not alter the pH of solutions. It has little or no adverse effect on pH, eliminating all of the pH monitoring problems encountered with other disinfection and sanitation systems such as chlorine.

Improves product quality

Operators who are using the Isan system are  improving product quality. For example, Brian Ellis from Clean Green Hydro in QLD Australia, has achieved "a total elimination of Pythium" in his hydroponic lettuce root system since using the Isan system. Brian has also "achieved at least a 50% increase in the storage life" of his processed lettuce crops, by washing the lettuce in BioMaxA iodine.

Does not effect nutrients

The Isan System will not effect existing nutrients. This means you can recycle your water and save money on replacing nutrients. The system is fully NFT compatible as well.

Low capital equipment and running costs

When comparing the overall features and benefits of different disinfection systems, the Isan System offers tremendous value for money in terms of capital equipment costs. No other system can deliver such a complete solution at such a reasonable price. In addition, other systems cannot match the Isan System in terms of running costs, as the BioMaxA iodine offers superior kill rates at low concentrations.

Environmentally friendly

The Isan System is one of the world's most environmentally responsible disinfection systems. The system can capture all by-products, providing an environmentally clean and closed loop process.

No chemical mixing

Use of other biocides involves diluting and mixing highly toxic chemicals. By comparison, the Isan System uses a patented form of pure iodine, which is supplied in a sealed canister. Handling or mixing of chemicals is eliminated - totally.

Automatic adjustment to organic load

The Isan System constantly monitors the active iodine biocide available and quickly self adjusts dosage levels to meet any increase in the organic load. This fully automated process happens in 'real time' and is a unique feature of the Isan System.

Measurable residual

BioMaxA iodine offers a residual which can be measured. Other systems do not offer this feature, resulting in operators being unsure of whether the disinfection process has been effective or not. The Isan System is also not dependent on water quality or water flows being able to cope with large volumes of water (depending upon size of system).

Complete data logging

Disinfection levels in the water can be recorded in any preset time cycle and stored permanently. These logs provide your customers and HACCP auditors with certified proof on constant and effective disinfection levels. No more handwritten reports.

Fully automated

Every Isan System is equipped with a fully automated, computerised control system, which can be easily integrated with your existing PC's. This system electronically monitors the biocide level and automatically doses the water to maintain preset levels. Electronic monitoring of the remaining iodine helps to ensure timely replacement of canisters.

Safe and user-friendly

The Isan System is the safest and most user friendly system available. Controls warn the operator of any breach of preset levels and also, in certain circumstances, can shut down the system. These warnings can be audible, visual and/or sent electronically to a computer.

Effective chlorine replacement

Comprehensively replaces disinfection by existing chlorine systems, eliminating all of chlorine's negative aspects and handling problems, including growing environmental issues. Being iodine based, the Isan System eliminates the significant risk posed by the introduction of chlorine based carcinogenic by-products into the environment.

Reduced corrosion

The BioMaxA iodine used within the Isan System is far less corrosive. For example, iodine itself is approximately eight times less corrosive than chlorine, while the concentration of iodine used is usually five to six times less than chlorine dosages. The Isan System, once installed, will result in significantly longer equipment life leading to substantial capital equipment cost savings.